ByAriadne Barcelo, writer at

[this story contains some spoilers from the season 5 premiere of the walking dead so read at your own risk]


okay so i just want to say that this was a good as

premiere episode.

so basically the episode flashed back and forth to reveal that Gareth his mother and brother actually saw Terminus as a sanctuary for all where those who arrive,survive.all that changed when there camp was overtaken by another group who did some really messed up thing to Gareth and his family ad friends and that what led them to become the brutal cannibals that they are now.

now we saw in a back flash a guy with a bunch of tattoos on his face tormenting Gareth and his family and then later on we see the same exact crazy guy with a bunch of tattoos on his face getting saved by Glenn and rick from train and then boom the guy gets attacked by a walker .

i for one want to know more about who this creepy guy with a bunch of tattoos on his face is and what happens to the rest of his people i mean there has to be more, he could int have taken over terminus by himself.

hopefully we will learn more about Gareth and his people and the tattoo guys group and what became of them.


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