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So before Marc Webb was making Spiderman all mushy and lovey he made a little film called 500 Days Of Summer. The movie exploded with everybody i knew i mean everybody was in love with the film. I was in high school at the time and that year everybody was quoting this movie or buzzing over it. The whole film pretty much reached to anybody who's ever had their heartbroken. You could identify yourself with Tom in at least one scene if not the whole movie, that's what made this movie work so much. I love this movie and i haven't seen it in about two years now but i started thinking about it and i now am starting to think what if Summer really isn't there and shes just in Tom's head all the time. I know what your'e thinking right now your'e crazy and oblivious if you think shes just a made up thought in Tom's head but here's why i think this could work. If i remember correctly Summer came into Tom's life at a point where he was truly unhappy with his life. It's almost too perfect this is the moment she comes into his life my thoughts are summer represents his perfect girl and shes there to make him take risks and pursue his goals. Shes living in his mind the whole time and every time hes with her he's dreaming or day dreaming either at home, work, or the theater. He eventually comes to terms that he cant be moping around and has to finally do something to better himself and this is when Summer starts to grow more distant and eventually leads to her finally leaving. After Summer is gone he really starts focusing on his career and makes choices he otherwise wouldn't have made with out Summers "motivation" and lands an interview. He dozes off in the park right before his interview i believe and this is where he sees Summer again now coming to terms with Tom. This last time we see Summer though its her farewell to Tom as he has no use for her anymore since he is at a new point in his life, a brighter one. Marc Webb has also called this movie a coming of age not a romance film. There you go my theory on 500 Days Of Summer i know its a little rough but just wanted to get this out of my head. I will be updating this as i think on it more and polish it out. I will also be watching the movie again tomorrow possibly to strengthen this more.


Was Summer all in Toms head?


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