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You read in my last article and possibly fifty other articles about my the greatest hero that ever lived will die in [The Avengers 3](movie:738027). Before you read on, know that this isn't going to happen in the MCU. Well probably not. Marvel would have to "kill" Steve but not kill him. That and he would have to add movies onto his contract. This is just what I think would be cool.

Secret Avengers

Steve Rogers - Super Soldier
Steve Rogers - Super Soldier

This my MCU version of how the Secret Avengers would be formed.

Cap is sniped in the chest by Crossbones after giving a speech about the hero community being restored. He is rushed to the hospital. He is not killed instantly though. Bucky sneaks into his room as Steve's life is ending. "I'm with you to the end of the line Steve!" "To the end of the line..." With the last ounce of strength he has left he hands Bucky his shield. Bucky is furious. He doesn't know that it was Red Skull and Crossbones. "I'LL KILL YOU STARK!!!!" he yells he leaves the hospital. Tony is in his office arranging the funeral and Bucky comes crashing in. (After all, Sebastian Stan did say he would like to see Winter Soldier fight Iron Man). I'm sure you'd imagine a wtf face on Stark when he comes in! "I'LL KILL YOU!" shield in hand, he charges Tony. He calls for his armor and he explains after a while of fighting that he didn't do it.

1st end credit scene - Nick Fury is in Steve's hospital room. He takes out something from his jacket. None other than GH-325. I know it got destroyed and all, but nothing says that he can't have one spare on him. He is Nick Fury after all. Fury is considering injecting him, but the heartbeat monitor says he's alive. Doctors come in and Steve is pronounced comatose. It doesn't last long.

"No one can seem to kill your ass Cap" Fury says as he wakes up. I'm not sure how this would work, but while in a coma, Steve was in Valhalla. While there he knew that he had to keep his recovery a secret. Being worthy of wielding an Asgardian weapon, I think he would be worthy of Valhalla.

"I'm not a captain anymore. I'm just a soldier and I've got work to do Fury. Keep this on the down low. No one know unless I tell them."

He is out and sets up a secret HQ. His Secret Avengers roster won't be how it was in the comics. I think for the MCU: Ant-Man, Sharon Carter, War Machine, Valkyrie and Moon Knight will be the team. He'd appear in end credit scenes like Fury did in Phase 1.

Kang the Conqueror

Time Traveler. 41st Century.
Time Traveler. 41st Century.

Here's the MCU version of how I think he could appear. If you watch Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes you're already forming an idea in your head. In the show, he was hell bent on destroying Captain America. He in actually watched Cap get frozen via time recording. A decision Cap made destroyed his timeline. Kang deals with the Avengers attempting to correct that error. So via time recording, or however he watches the past unfold this happens.

2nd end credit scene. "Computer!? Why does it stop here!? Captain America is dead right there! Why has my timeline not been restored?" "I do not know sire. This is how far into the 21st century I could get us regarding Steven Rogers. Wait standby... There he is!" Unknown to Kang the Captain America he is looking at is Bucky. I know Kang isn't more dangerous than Thanos, but I like Kang and wouldn't mind seeing him in the MCU.


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