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Ok, so I'll start out saying I haven't read The Flash comics at all but I have read up on it a bit. I know they said they will be sticking pretty close to the comics. However, of course there will be a few minor changes here and there.

We all know that in Crisis on Infinite Earths' Barry Allen ([The Flash](movie:15273)) disappears. Although it is virtually impossible that we will ever see Crisis on Infinite Earths happen on television, what isn't possible is for the show runners to use the event to impact what happens on the CW show.

The fan theory I'm about to express is my own personal theory, but it occurred to me while I was watching the end of the second episode tonight.

What if Harrison Wells is in fact Barry Allen from the year 2024?

If you ask me, it makes sense. Harrison Wells is a character invented JUST for the show on the CW. We also know that we won't see Crisis on Infinite Earths happen on television. We also know that although the producers may have shown the article at the end of the pilot as a bit of a nod to the comics and to get fans excited, they wouldn't do something like that in the pilot without any reason or plans for the future whatsoever. Greg Berlanti placed countless Easter Eggs in the first season of [Arrow](series:720988) and now, due to the success of the show, they are paying off. So maybe... just maybe... this is something like that.

After all if you ask me, Harrison Wells sorta does look like an older version of Barry Allen on the show. And is it JUST A COINCIDENCE that he has a newspaper from the year 2024? The date that The Flash disappears?

I don't know about you, but I can see a resemblance between the two.

After what we saw at the end of the second episode, it is pretty clear Wells wants to protect Barry and wants him to become The Flash and develop into the man he is in the future. Also, both Wells and Barry are a very similar height. Now I know people are going to say that Wells wears glasses and Barry doesn't but maybe Barry's eye sight just deteriorates a bit with age?

So what do you think of my theory and do you have any other possible theories?
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