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Now that we know Tony Stark is going to be in [Captain America 3](movie:994409) fanboys across the world are soaking their undergarments in sheer joy at the thought of getting to see a film adaptation of the Civil War storyline. Inevitably, movie writers are having their own civil war about whether or not this would be a good idea. I'm here to say that I'm aligning myself with those who are for it. I think it's a fantastic idea. But why, you ask? Hold your horses, I'm about to tell you. Normally in my opinion pieces I present a list of different reasons why I'm saying whatever it is I'm saying. But this time, there's only one principle reason you need to know:

Marvel just isn't going to screw it up.

Marvel really has only screwed up two of its Cinematic Universe films. One is obviously The Incredible Hulk, and most people would say the other one is Iron Man 2, though personally I loved it and would say the third installment was the real nightmare. Remember that period of time between the announcement that The Avengers was happening and the premier of the first trailer? Everyone was terrified that it would suck. What a blown opportunity that would have been! But they came through beyond our wildest dreams. Marvel Studios simply won't let an incredible idea go to waste. They never let us down when we get our hopes up.

I mean, for God's sakes, look at how great they did with Loki in Thor: The Dark World! And The Winter Soldier in Captain America: The Winter Soldier! Not to mention the outstanding successes of The Falcon, Sif, Justin Hammer, and the countless other times they've had the potential to mess a concept up, but instead made it awesome. Yes, the Mandarin plot twist was stupid, but we can safely say that was more Shane Black and Drew Pearce's fault than Marvel's. They've had their little moment of shockingness, and it's out of their system.

I know for a fact that Marvel will take their time to make sure every little detail of a Civil War movie is right where it needs to be. In Marvel we trust.


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