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What is a "Movie Fortune Cookie"?

Every movie has a theme, a lesson or a message to its audience. Kinda like a fortune cookie..

Some movies reveal groundbreaking lessons whereas give a gentle reminder. Regardless of the impact, the one hour, two hours or three hours+ (if you're watching that LOTR extended Blu-Ray) that you spend living in a character's state of mind gets you thinking or feeling. Just to share what I learn from movies, here's to kicking off Movie Fortune Cookie! A lesson or two I picked up from watching the movie Draft Day.

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Draft Day (2014) - Rated R - Drama/Sport

Draft Day revolves around one of the most important days in the NFL season, namely the NFL Draft. This film follows the Cleveland Browns General Manager, Sunny Weaver Jr. starring Kevin Costner, in his efforts to build a team for the next season. Anyone that has experienced the dynamics and risks in a team will feel a rush of emotions and anxiety from the characters. In every scene, you'll start to develop an idea of what Weaver Jr. is trying to accomplish for the Browns and the future of the team. What happens when one person disagrees with the masses? How do you know what the best decision is for the team?

Vince Penn: "I quit, Sonny."Sonny Weaver, Jr.: "Don't quit. See what I do from here. You're going to like this."
Vince Penn: "I quit, Sonny."Sonny Weaver, Jr.: "Don't quit. See what I do from here. You're going to like this."

One of the brilliant things of the film is that you learn at the same pace as the characters. You are given hints with each scene but you never know what might happen. Exactly the same feelings the characters would be feeling in that particular situation. The doubt, the risk, the tension, the success, the trust, the camaraderie; these are all fundamentals in a team. This film may not provide a huge insight on how NFL teams pick their players on Draft Day but it portrays a solid story about teamwork off the field.

You don't have to be an NFL fan to enjoy this film! Put yourself in Sunny Weaver Jr.'s position, what would you do?

Fortune Cookie Message: "Believe in your team; survey the playing field, know your opponents, adapt to every change."

Check out the trailer below!


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