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Jerome Maida

"The Martial Arts Kid" is a film involving a troubled teen named Robbie - played by rising star Jansen Panettiere - that grows & matures after taking martial arts from his aunt & uncle, who are portrayed by martial arts legends Cynthia Rothrock & Don Wilson. It is set in Cocoa Beach, Florida and it has a great cast & crew with REAL martial artists & great action, too.

It also has two other rising stars: Kathryn Newton, as Robbie's friend/love interest Rina and Matthew Ziff, who plays Bo, Robbie's bully and tormentor in the film

Even with all that, "The Martial Arts Kid" Co-Producer Ryan Westheimer says that Russell - who plays a character named Lenny, a local kid who becomes Robbie's first true friend - made a solid impression and is an asset to the film.

"He is a heck of an actor! I mean, his timing - whether it be dramatic or comedic - was always on", Westheimer told me. " (He is) a really good, young actor."
Westheimer added that he expects a bright future for Russell.

"I'm expecting to see some very good things from him", Westheimer concludes.


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