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A 14-year-old British schoolgirl pulverized a grown man when he assaulted her in a park in Sussex in the UK, and the moves the Karate expert used to take down her attacker down would make Hit Girl proud.

The unnamed tough cookie was walking home from school when a 35-year-old man grabbed her by the arm. Instead of giving up her belongings or being dragged away by her assailant, the badass teenager beat him black and blue. It is unknown if she called him a c**t.

Police later arrested the man who was easily identified due to the fact he was noticeably bloodied and bruised from the teenage martial arts expert's attack.

Although the criminal was arrested, the police are still appealing for more information because they believe he could have been involved in attacks on less well prepared individuals. Sussex police told the press:

Although we have made an arrest, we need to speak to anyone who was in Tilgate Park on Saturday morning and saw what happened. We need to find people who may have seen a man acting suspiciously in or around the park on Saturday or on other occasions

I like to imagine the despicable low life pulled a face like this when he realized his vulnerable target was anything but:

I also like to daydream about the scenario going down a little something like this: (Hit Girl comes in at 1:49)

Okay, so I have an overactive imagination, but you can't deny this story is totally badass.


Do you think learning self defence should be compulsory in school?

(Source: ITV)


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