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Season 5 of The Walking Dead kicked off last week with a cathartic blend of gun fire and smashed zombie prosthetics. A lot seemed to happen in the premiere episode and the story has already moved far beyond the cliffhanger finale of Season 4.

However, with so much going on, and so many characters running around (Rick's gang may now be the biggest it's ever actually been in all 51 episodes) there is a lot to remember and recall. Luckily, Youtubers The Fine Brothers have created a 9 minute video in which they recap all the major events of Seasons 1 - 4 in one take.

The video is at the end of the article, but here are some of the important elements which may help elucidate the events of Season 5's premiere.

The Gang's Reunion

As mentioned above, Rick now has a healthy host of gun-totting veterans at his disposal. Of course, it wasn't always this way, with the initial prison gang being fragmented into several smaller groups following the Governor's assault on the prison. Although, that now seems like a million years ago, the video does a good job of reminding us what all the various splintered teams have been up to prior to meeting at Terminus.

Carol's Return

Talking about reunions... The return of Carol to the fold has another major development in the premiere episode. The video also highlights the significance of this event, by re-explaining Carol was exiled from the group following her murder of Karen and David during the flu pandemic.

Morgan's Back

And what about that reveal at the end of the episode? It looks like Morgan is still in the game, and could even be tracking Rick and the gang. But who is this guy? Well, I'm sure most of you remember, but just in case you've somehow forgotten, the video reminds us of his humble origins with Rick and somewhat less humble reunion in Season 3.

Remind yourself of everything in the video below:


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