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Did I just see what I thought I just saw in the new TV Spot for Big Hero 6!?

After copious amounts of pausing and rewinding, I'm pretty sure that was WITHOUT DOUBT a nod to Frozen in there!

It's the statue of Prince Hans, the bad guy from Disney's icy, big-hearted fairytale, at 0:23 minutes in:

Hans looking very statuesque
Hans looking very statuesque

Hans doesn't last very long, though:


And Boom! BAYMAX blasts that statue to pieces!

Check this out for yourselves and see what you think:

Oh, Hans. If only there were someone out there who loved you. Maybe then Hiro Hamada's robot wouldn't be such a douchebag to you...

This isn't the first time that Big Hero 6 has teased a link to Frozen, though - a previous teaser trailer gave us an extremely subtle glimpse of the charismatic villain.

And when we say subtle - we really mean subtle.

Got it?
Got it?

See that wanted poster by the policeman's head?

That's totally Hans!

I mean - look at him!

Now, this is starting to become kind of a trend - could the worlds of [Frozen](movie:411685) and [Big Hero 6](movie:425271) even be connected?

We're going to have to keep an extra close eye on the next [Big Hero 6](movie:425271) promo just to make sure - and to see if we can spot Hans again!


Frozen and Big Hero 6... Connected worlds?

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