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Warning: Walking Dead spoilers are all over this article.

Cast your mind back to the end of the epic Walking Dead Season 5 premiere and there's a flashback scene that sees Gareth and his fellow Termites suffer some serious abuse from a bunch of mean dudes.

The leader of these mean dudes was a not only a nasty piece of work but had more than a passing resemblance to Negan, the big bad from the comic book.

We've since found out that this guy wasn't Negan, but was in fact the tattooed guy Glenn frees from the container. Unfortunately, he became walker dinner almost immediately so we didn't get to learn anything about him other than that he was as crazy as a bag of zombie brains.

He crazy!
He crazy!

But luckily for us, enlightenment is now at hand as Showrunner Scott Gimple and star Andrew Lincoln have spoken about this tattooed baddy they call "Large Man."

First here's Lincoln:

He is the guy who has been torturing them in the flashback; they've locked him up and he's been kept in there ever since they took the place. Isn't a factor anymore.

Gimple then revealed something really intriguing, admitting there's "a lot to the character," and that his backstory might reveal that his group is part of a bigger and badder bunch of crazies.

So, who could this other group of crazies be? Well, if you've been reading the comics you'll know the biggest and baddest group apart from Rick's posse is the Saviors. These brutal guys are the foot soldiers of Negan, a band of post-apocalyptic pillagers ruling the undead wastelands.

The Saviors are bad news
The Saviors are bad news

They live together in a large factory, which is protected by walkers impaled on spikes, and spend most of their time cracking skulls, collecting tributes from other communities and generally being really unfriendly.

So, while "Large Man" might not have been the actual Negan, there's every chance he could have been part of this barbaric group.

The Saviors are out there and it's going to be hell on earth when Rick and the group finally meet them.


Do you think "Large Man" was part of the Saviors?

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