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AMC has just released a new clip for the upcoming second episode of The Walking Dead Season 5, Strangers.

As has become typical with The Walking Dead, a rather tender moment suddenly turns sour when a unknown voice calls out for help. It seems this episode could look at the growing mistrust of the gang (I mean who can blame them after that whole 'Terminus thing'?), although it also seems to show Carl still has some humanity left in him.

But who could be it be? Well, we'll discuss that after the episode. Check out the clip below:

So, who could this unknown voice belong to? Who could have thrown caution to wind and started bellowing for help in a zombie invested area? Well, there's there's a fairly obvious choice, but if you do not want to know, it might be best to stop reading now.

So Whose Voice Was It?

It seems extremely likely that the voice belongs to Father Gabriel, a new character expected to be introduced early into Season 5. Father Gabriel is a character from the original The Walking Dead comics and it could be said - without giving too much away - that although he is a man of God he still harbors some very dark secrets...

Furthermore, there is also speculation that Gabriel could be in league with whomever kidnapped Beth. If you remember, there was a white cross in the back window of the car, and although this isn't definitive proof, it's certainly a lead.

Father Gabriel will be played by Seth Gilliams, another alumni of The Wire as well as Oz and Homeland. He's expected to hang around for much of Season 5 which perhaps gives us an indication of whether or not Rick and Co. save him.

What do you think? Would you trust Father Gabriel?


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