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So it looks a lot like we're all set for Wonder Woman to get a solo film in the foreseeable future. There's no official word on it from Warner Bros. but Gal Gadot has 3 films on her contract, leaving one spare after Justice League, and if the franchise is successful by that stage, we can be pretty sure DC will want to one-up marvel by putting out the first (good) female superhero film. And the world is waiting WB, so no pressure. And this is far from an easy task, hell, even Joss Whedon failed to get a WW film out of the hangar. However, if they follow these 5 steps and maybe slip me a mention in the credits, then they should have the groundwork down for a solid Wonder Woman film.

1) Don't be afraid of Greek Mythology

The Greek legends make for some awesome cinema. We've seen proof of this many a time in "Jason and the Argonauts", "Troy", "Clash of the Titans" and "Medea" to name but a few. So we as an audience won't shy away from a film that leans heavily on such fantastical elements as Gods and immortal Amazons. Say what you will about the 'Thor' films in terms of quality, they sure made money and definitely offered some incredible visuals. A film with someone like Poseidon as the villain isn't one that at all puts me off. There are many great things about Greek Mythology that would make great film. On the other hand though, we don't want swamped with this kind of stuff as I'll be the first to admit I'm no expert on it, and one of the core ideas of Diana Prince is that she's the bridge between Themyscara and man's world. So don't shy away from incorporating things from Greek lore but don't y'know, make it just a film about that, after all, [Wonder Woman](movie:45787) is a superhero.

2) Don't shoehorn in a love interest

Diana's probably going to get a guy in her life at some point, and chances are it'll be Steve Trevor or Superman. Personally I prefer her and Steve over Clark, but it can work either way. The most important thing is that it doesn't happen too quickly. Wonder Woman is meant to start out with a blinding prejudice against all men, and it's going to take her a while to get over that, so if her and Supes hit off straight away like in Justice League: War then the way I see it, they've done a pretty major injustice to her character and kind of undermined her as a character. So while I'm all for her having a relationship, just make sure it's given enough time to seem genuine and make sure that there's some good chemistry in there.

3) Allow her to kill people

Wonder Woman is a straight up warrior. Which means that if you're guilty of murder, she won't hesitate to just decapitate you on the spot. Though she can definitely be persuaded to change her ways by the fellow League members, it works best to have that happen over time, and it works best to have her start out as someone not afraid of killing her foes. It would also lead to some pretty awesome action sequences if she keeps that sword she's seen carrying in our only picture of her so far.

4) Give her a fully rounded character

Diana isn't a typical Woman. She's been raised from birth as a warrior and has been told since birth that all men are selfish and corrupt. While there are many depictions of her character in comics and there isn't a definitive one to choose for a film, though she definitely can't be two-dimensional or shallow. Too much is riding on this film. She can't just be depicted as a stereotypical woman because she's an out and out feminist (in all meanings of the word) who comes around to seeing that men aren't what she's been led to believe. There's some, in fact, a lot of ink there and if she's treated right then she can be a fantastic lead and one of he best Superheroes in film history.

5) Don't go too dark with the tone

DC seem to be going for a much more gritty feel to their cinematic universe than Marvel, and I like that. However, Wonder Woman is far from a gritty character and while she should be taken seriously, I can't see her in a grim and moody film, so please give it a lighter tone than Man of Steel because I'm not keen on the idea of Wonder Woman moping, ever. Also, can you imagine that kind of feel to a movie that features a demi-god (in this version) sporting a swimsuit disguised as armour. No, neither can I. So while DC should definitely avoid making it as light-hearted as anything in the Marvel collection (with the exception of maybe [Captain America: The Winter Soldier](movie:254973)), don't make the same mistake that you did with [Man of Steel](movie:15593) and sacrifice the main character's well... character.

So those are the 5 things I think DC need to make sure they do with a Wonder Woman solo movie if they want to make a good, if not great film from the source material. Do you think I missed anything? Is there anything you disagree with? If so feel free to let me know below. But till next time, enjoy your lives guys!


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