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Rockstar's GTA 6 Setting Rumours!

At the moment Rockstar is busy rereleasing their glorious game GTA V for our brand new consoles; PS4 and Xbox One. They'll be with us on the 18th of November, though unfortunately PC gamers have been informed that they'll have to wait a little longer, albeit it'll probably look incredible for you guys! They'll join us on the 27th of January, 2015.

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Even with these new releases only around the corner, people have been speculating about GTA 6 for months now, with each week seemingly a new setting or character development showing up. I've heard Vice City, I've heard Texas and I've heard Mexico (I've also heard Space but I think I'll ignore that particular guy for the moment...).


Naturally my heart has been set on Vice City! A return to this location would would grant me an inordinate degree of pleasure and would lend players the opportunity to see Vice City 12 years down the road. Maybe some of our favourite characters from the past would show their ageing faces!

But along with all of these cities there has been the speculation that in order for GTA VI to succeed it is going to have to seriously improve and expand upon its world, especially with GTA V having set a higher standard. Therefore, it seems increasingly likely that a larger host of characters will feature, each coming from a different city! For more on this check out this article here!


Texas, Vice City and Mexico All in One!

Redditor m15wallis, is the latest individual to have come out with supposed information regarding GTA 6. His information said that Texas was going to be the new location and that it would also spill over into Mexico and feature some form of strife between the two areas. Now, I'm not taking anything this chap says to be true, but the rumour of various locations has been there from the start, and the way I see it, Rockstar have no other way to go if they want to impress us with their next map.

Thus, I can see a combination of various areas, with the option to perhaps fly to Texas from Vice City and then navigating a massive map that combines Mexico and Texas. This is purely just a fanboy dream, in which various characters from each region would ultimately come together in some way to either overcome something or kill each other off.

Therefore, the choice element that GTA V offered at its conclusion with regards to Trevor, could be expanded to include various key characters that we'll be forced to make tough decisions with (one of which could be a female protagonist, more on this here). This is genuinely the only way that I see this series moving forward and continuing to increase its scope.

Let me know in the comments what you think GTA 6 will feature!


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