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Batman vs Superman has a lot of catching up to do. Whereas when Marvel could introduce their heroes one by one, only combining them in [The Avengers](movie:9040) once we had gotten used to them individually, Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice has a tougher task.

The only of these heroes that we have seen before (played by the same actor) is Superman, who appeared in Zack Snyder's [Man of Steel](movie:15593). Now we will have to meet Batman, played by Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman, as well as any number of heroes including Cyborg, Aquaman, Green Lantern & The Flash.

So what will unite these heroes, who seem more set on battling each other than teaming up to form the [Justice League](movie:401267)? Well, mist likely, it will be some threat so powerful that nothing but their united force can stop it.

Which leads us to the obvious question: who will be the main villain in [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870), powerful enough to take on the entire Justice League?

Batman vs Superman: Who is the main villain!?

Let's run through the options, starting with the one who has been most talked about (even Wikipedia say he is most likely):


Could Doomsday unite the Justice League?
Could Doomsday unite the Justice League?

Doomsday is an incredibly ferocious enemy. He is, after all, the one responsible for killing Superman in the comics.

Doomsday comes from ancient Krypton, a world that was populated with savage, brutal, inhuman creatures. Created by a scientists called Bertron in an evolutionary experiment, Doomsday initially had a near human form. As a child, he dropped onto Krypton to see is he could survive. When he was killed, he was reformed, and dropped there again, until he could take on the creatures there.

Understandably, Doomsday bears a fierce resentment for being made to suffer for so long, and this led to him going on a galaxy wide killing spree. So could Doomsday be the villain in Batman vs Superman?

Well, according to reports, Lex Luthor is experimenting with the corpse of General Zod in the S.T.A.R. Labs, so this would link in with his Kryptonian origin. Also, Doomsday has done battle with the Green Lantern & [Wonder Woman](movie:45787), so this could be a good way of uniting the team.


Metallo: made in S.T.A.R. Labs?
Metallo: made in S.T.A.R. Labs?

Metallo is another one that has been spoken about for Batman vs Superman, and there are a few things that work in his favor. Firstly, we know that an accident at S.T.A.R. Labs is the most likely explanation for Cyborg, and Metallo's New 52 origins also see him coming into being as part of a project run by Lex Luthor.

Another factor is that Metallo is powered by Kryptonite, which Lex Luthor is reportedly developing from the remains of the World Engine - and which Batman may get his hands on as part of his battle against Superman. So what do you think? Could we see Metallo in Dawn of Justice?


Darkseid, the Justice League's biggest threat?
Darkseid, the Justice League's biggest threat?

Darkseid is perhaps *the* Justice League villain. Like Doomsday, he comes from outer space, though he calls a planet called Apokolips home, rather than Krypton.

Initially said be modeled on Adolf Hitler, the marvel character Darkseid most resembles are perhaps either Apocalypse from the X-Men, or Thanos. The ruler of his own planet in the consolation of Apollo, Darkseid is hungry for power and dominance, particularly over the rival territory of new Genesis.

Darkseid has also previously come across other members of the Justice League, onc famously raiding Themyscira and murdered Wonder Woman's fellow Amazons in huge numbers. Darkseid is definitely a threat big enough to unite the Justice League, but might DC want to keep him back for a full [Justice League](movie:401267) movie?

What do you think? Who will be the main villain in Batman vs Superman? Write in with your own thoughts and speculation below the line!


Who will be the main villain in Batman vs Superman?


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