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Steven Spielberg basically invented the blockbuster with his 1975 breakout classic, Jaws. But before he went on to create an entire industry and scoop up every film-making going, he made a fairly small, thriller movie called Duel.

Duel certainly isn't one of his best known flicks, but among fans of cult cinema it's a big deal. In Duel, we see Dennis Weaver play a terrified motorist who is chased and tormented by an unseen truck driver. The movie may have come out in 1971, but that hasn't stopped Casey Callender from creating his own piece of poster art for the film. Check it out below:

Those of you who've seen the film will no doubt agree this poster catches the explosive energy of Duel quite nicely.

In fact, Duel is such a seminal Spielberg film that it was included on the recently released Steven Spielberg Director's Collection Blu-ray.


Have you seen Duel?

Source: GeekTyrant


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