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Us eager Vampire Diaries fans will get to sink out teeth into episode 3 tomorrow, but there are some burning questions from 'Yellow Ledbetter' that we are desperate for answers to first!

1. Who is Lurking Around With Damon and Bonnie?

Someone must have completed that crossword, and I have a feeling we will be finding out exactly who in episode 3. Does anyone have any ideas yet? I'm still clinging onto the desperate hope it might be Katherine (okay, I admit it, I miss her!), but popular fan theories say it could be Lexi... I guess she does seem like more of a crossword type.

In the latest trailer, it seems like Damon's definitely battling a man, so either there is more than one person lurking in the shadows, or the internet gossip is all incorrect...


2. What is Shady Sarah Hiding?

Gabrielle Walsh who plays Sarah
Gabrielle Walsh who plays Sarah

Jeremy's new squeeze and Elena's first victim, Sarah, is definitely sitting on a huge secret. First she arrives in a stolen car, and then she is supposedly related to someone in Mystic Falls? Something is seriously fishy here, but do you think she'll be dangerous?


3. Could Tripp Really be Matt's Long Lost Father?

The rumors that Tripp might be Matts real father as opposed to a mere father figure refuse to quiet down, and it just might be true...

After all, Matt hasn't had a meaty storyline in years, and having a serial vampire murderer and Fell family member as a father would certainly change that!

But, would he really abandon his loyalties to his old friend to destroy supernatural beings with the community protection team? I can totally imagine it.


4. Will Elena's Compulsion to Forget Damon be Permanent?

I'm sure we are all united in the belief that Damon and Elena will be together again this season, but Elena clearly isn't so sure.

After accepting she will never see her love again, Elena had her memories removed via compulsion by Alaric, but what the hell will happen when Damon returns?

Will she still think her former lover is a monster before falling in love with him again? Or, is the compulsion somehow reversible?


5. Will Caroline and Stefan Manage to Patch Thing's Up?

Caroline and Stefan's reunion went anything but smoothly, but will these BFFs manage to patch things up between them soon?

This is the worst state Steroline has been in since they first became firm friends in season two, and it's hard to see them being as close as they used to be again.

Not to mention the added drama of Caroline being totally in love with Stefan...


6. Why 1994?!

We know Damon will be reliving the worst day of his life, but the significance of May 10th and the solar eclipse are still an utter mystery.

Will Bonnie be able to use the majesty of nature to harness her witchy power again? We know that witches can "literally feel nature," so surely Bonnie must have some connection to the solar event?


Which question do you want answered the most?

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