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Kesha has sued super producer, Dr. Luke, and accused him of subjecting her to almost a decade of horrific sexual and emotional abuse.

The 27-year-old singer claims that 42-year-old Dr. Luke, who spotted her in high school and persuaded her to move L.A. to pursue fame, coerced her into using drugs and has forced himself on her sexually since she was 18.

According to Kesha, Dr. Luke once raped her while she was unconscious after giving her "sober pills" that later turned out to be GHB, a commonly used date rape drug.

Dr. Luke
Dr. Luke

Kesha also claims that Dr. Luke once terrified her so much with a violent outburst that she fled his house into the mountains barefoot fearing for her own personal safety.

The pop star claims that she has kept quiet about the abuse because Dr. Luke has so much control of her professional life and has threatened her career, family and, even her dog, on multiple occasions.

Kesha and her mother who she claims Dr. Luke has threatened
Kesha and her mother who she claims Dr. Luke has threatened

The legal document argues that Kesha has been so beaten down by Dr. Luke's constant insults comparing her to a "fat fucking refrigerator" that she now has serious bulimia and suffers from health problems related to the condition.

Dr. Luke has since countersued Kesha for defamation and breach of contract. The producer claims Kesha is making up the allegations in order to break her contract with him and that he has never abused the star.

(Source: BuzzFeed, Rolling Stone and Billboard)


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