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In my posts I will talk about future MCU, and DC universe movies, and news, and I will try to post every two days or so. My topics could have possible spoilers but no synopsis because I don't work for Marvel or DC I just like good movies, and comic books. In recent rumors by several or more different sources saying that Marvel is probably going to make a Civil War set-up film with Captain America 3, and also with the last months rumbling about Sony losing a lot of money,and the Avengers not being in the same movie but more new add-ons to be feature with the man himself Tony Stark, and the Civil War could be in Avengers 3,or another future film. The Civil War that could possibly spark if Avengers 3 will probably consume of the Defenders, and the original and new Avengers members, and maybe Spiderman, but will it be enough?

Hey stop this nonsense!
Hey stop this nonsense!

If I had the God-gracing chance to creatively help Marvel with their movies I would make the movies more of a comic book adaptation, because all of their movies are really close to a real comic book adaptation besides Iron man 3. The Civil War shouldn't come out yet because I feel that the Avengers team identities are already exposed, besides maybe the Defenders Netflix series and that would maybe equal up to about 8 superheroes if anything with secret identities by the time the whole series is finally done, and I don't think that 8 secret identities are a big enough threat to the government that they have to make the Superhero Registration Act. Marvel could do just that and add everyone favorite web-slinger Peter Parker and it would be a box office phenomenon, but it will be too safe of a war, and we have seen the Avengers duke it out on the big screen before honestly I want to see another earth bound team by the name of the New Warriors which is also the team that starts the actual civil war. New Warriors could be set up by making the whole entire movie about the leader of the team Dwayne Taylor and showing how everyone connect to the story but have them already sorta establish.


Will the Civil War be good?


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