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Good news, Underworld fans!

Y'know that controversial Underworld spin-off starring Divergent's Theo James that we've been hearing so much about lately?

Well, you no longer have to work out whether or not you think it's a good thing - because it isn't the only Underworld sequel heading our way.

Instead, as director Len Wiseman recently revealed to IGN:

"Another film is being developed with Kate (Beckinsale), possibly as well."

He also added that the spin-off would be a sort-of separate part of the Underworld universe - much like 2009's Rise of the Lycans - with links to the core movies.

Which means that not only are we going to see David from Underworld: Awakening return in what is reportedly set to be titled Underworld: Next Generation...

Presumably with even more guns.
Presumably with even more guns.

...we're also going to see Kate Beckinsale (hopefully) return in a sixth (or fourth, if you don't count the two spin-offs) Underworld installment.

Which, in turn, means we'll finally get to find out what happens after the end of Underworld: Awakening - and especially what happens with Michael...

Plus, we get Kate Beckinsale back!

Otherwise known as 'a very good thing'.
Otherwise known as 'a very good thing'.

The thing is, though - that's not all.

Wiseman also revealed that they're developing a TV series based on the Underworld movies - and though he gave no more details than that it is in development, it opens up the possibility of us seeing not one, but two movies - and a TV show running alongside them.

Also, Kate Beckinsale.
Also, Kate Beckinsale.

With the first expected sometime next year, could we be in for a suitably epic, Vampire and Lycan-filled 2015 and 2016?

Well, here's hoping we get to see at least one of them next year (and that [Underworld 5](movie:393195) is at least almost as good as the rest of the series...)!


What do you guys think? Which of the upcoming Underworld projects are you most excited for?

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