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With Warner Bros releasing 9 posters for The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies, you would think the studio would take a break from the releasing more content on the film; but that does not seem to be the case. WB has just released more posters for the "Defining Chapter". To be precise, the studio has released two posters and three banners. To start things off, here are the two posters for the upcoming film; one for the UK's release and one for the US.

Richard Armitage as the weary Thorin Oakenshield
Richard Armitage as the weary Thorin Oakenshield
Galadriel lends Gandalf a helping hand
Galadriel lends Gandalf a helping hand

It should be noted that both of these posters are images from the massive banner released a month ago. Reusing the same images could be seen as being lazy on the film's advertisement. However, the banner these poster are based on features scenes that are worthy to be their own posters. Perhaps we will be seeing more posters like these two in the near future.

That leads to the three new banners. If you were hoping to see something different out of the new posters, perhaps these banners can provide you with new content.

These banners are pretty much what you should expect. The Hobbit has featured banners such as these in the past. Aside from the banner featuring Thranduil, the other two banners are images that were showcase in the film's first trailer. Not to say the do not make for good images, or that do not capture the tone of the film; but if anyone was expecting something different, they may be a little disappointed.

These new images may not be much, but they do get the job done. At this point, do not be surprise if more posters/banners for the final Hobbit film are released in the coming days or weeks.

[The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies](movie:512312) hits theaters on December 17th (December 12th for the UK).


What do you think of the new posters/banners?


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