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Movies, Television, Books, they are all made better with a superhero or two.
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We all see the glitter and glamour of the big screen and think, "Wow I'd love to live in that universe," but we are forgetting one thing. Even on the big screen, small screen, or even in books, just a small percentage of the population are the heroes. The rest of the people are unfortunately cannon fodder for the bad guys, or an innocent bystander who gets hurt on what seems like a daily basis in these universes. That is why I picked some of the worst places, you never want to even visit, let alone live in.

5) Hoth

This inhospitable planet is covered with ice from pole to pole and offers up no real civilization at all. There are snow monsters everywhere and at night the temperature drops so low that "your taun-taun would freeze before it reaches the first marker." Even if you were able to find whatever it was you were looking for, let's say a young friend who is freezing to death, you would have to cut the animal open and shove them inside of it while you built the shelter out of snow. Trust Han Solo, they do smell better on the outside.

4) Qo'nos

This world is home of the battle ready Klingons who would kill each other just as fast as they would kill you. The planet is almost always viewed as a dark and dreary place. It has a lot of caverns for hiding but make no mistake about it, the Klingons will find you and make you pay for coming to their precious home world.

3) Lian-Yu

This island was the home of Oliver Queen for five years (at least part of the five years) after being shipwrecked there. This island contains more dangers than one would think would be on a deserted island, and for that matter more people as well. Lian-Yu has many booby traps set all over it, has a Japanese WWII submarine on it with a load of mirakuru, and boasts what seems to be very little wildlife for hunting. Lian-Yu is loosely translated to mean purgatory and is a suitable name for it. Oh and don't forget the landmines.

2) Marvel Universe's New York City

Yes, in the center of the most cultural and artistic city on earth lies at it's heart a death trap for the average joe. Many of Marvel's most notable superheroes actually base right out of New York City. Most of us seen The Avengers and Tony Stark's "big ugly building" and know of the battle of New York, but what else lies there. The Fantastic Four operate out of the Baxter Building which is in New York. Spider-man is a New Yorker and spends nearly all of his time there. Some other lesser known heroes who operate mostly from New York include: Powerman (Luke Cage), Iron fist, Daredevil, and let's not forget the other wall crawler Spider-woman. I'm sure there are tons more. Due to the large number of heroes in that city, it's only natural that the super villains would out number these heroes. Let's face it there are like 20 villains to every hero it seems. So don't feel safe just because the heroes are numerous there, it just means there will be more super battles to become that innocent casualty in.

1) Gotham

Gotham City is home to one of the most famous superheroes in the DC universe. Batman patrols the streets and rooftops stopping crime at every turn. Gotham City is also home to the most infamous super villains in comic history, though. Most of the more notable villains are actually from Gotham City and are not only villains but are the worst type of villain, they are insane. Of these criminally insane villains are: Harvey "Two Face" Dent, "The Riddler" Edward Nigma, Poison Ivy, "Penguin" Oswald Cobblepot, and lets not forget everyone's favorite clown prince of crime, the homicidal, genocidal, the agent of chaos himslef, the JOKER. Not only are there several criminally insane villains but the mob is an ever present force for the GCPD to contend with. Every level of government officials are corrupt. Crime is a way of life in this city. It seems it's either get on board with the bad, get out of the city, or get a bullet in the head.

These are just a few places you don't want to live in, in any universe. What do you all think. Shoot off in the comments and let me know where you don't want to visit, let alone live in.


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