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Versatile and dedicated to his craft, Tommy Savas has journeyed from the best friend of a mobster's child to a presidential briefer. Currently working on State of Affairs, slated to premier November 17, 2014 on NBC, Savas has worked steadily on television and in the YouTube stratosphere, since he was 15.

Most recently, viewers were able to enjoy Savas' work as Cossetti on Michael Bay's The Last Ship. "It was an unforgettable experience," Savas said. "The coolest part was that we worked on an active duty naval destroyer and all the background actors were Navy sailors." Savas used his time aboard ship to talk with the sailors to learn a little about what it was like to be in the Navy and how being in the Navy had changed their lives. Savas also enjoyed working with the cast of Last Ship, saying he is certain he's made some life-long friends through the show.

In November, audiences will be able to see Savas in State of Affairs as Dashiell Greer, a young Justice Department briefer for the president. Savas will be working along side Katherine Heigel, whom he says was wonderful to work with. "She's very giving as an actress and made it very easy to work with her."

State of Affairs follows the day-to-day struggles the President's Daily Briefing Team face as they wade through the world issues to present the president with the top ten most pressing items she needs to take action on. Savas' character is the youngest member of the team. "His inexperience gets him in trouble," says Savas. "As does his intellect. He has to learn some lessons throughout the season."

Photo Credit: Bjoern Kommerell
Photo Credit: Bjoern Kommerell

Savas explained that working on the show with Joe Carnahan was especially fulfilling. "He has a very stylized way of shooting and creating something. The show looks like film. The action sequences, especially, were amazing and very well rounded." Carnahan is writing, directing and producing State of Affairs.

The show, says Savas, is topical and relevant. "It's been a challenge to keep up with everything happening in the world because it parallels the show, but I've enjoyed keeping up with current affairs."

Savas has spent a significant amount of time working on YouTube projects with several close friends. "I love working on Youtube," he said. "That was my master's class in acting. I got the experience of playing hundreds of different characters in an environment where I was working with three of my closest friends." Savas explained that the environment allowed them to "dare each other to suck" and then do better. The immediate feedback of the YouTube fans meant the cast and crew knew right away if something worked or didn't. "The YouTube fans are unique," he said. "They feel like they have ownership over your success--and to a degree they absolutely do--and so they cherish you." The fans even feel a level of ownership over Savas' current success, for which he gives them full marks. "I love the YouTube work, and I always want to keep some portion of that alive."

Savas recently produced and acted in Bad Roomies. Partially funded by a Kickstarter project, Bad Roomies is a dark comedy which co-stars Patrick Renna. The film will be making the festival rounds early in the new year.

When he's not acting, Savas is involved with several charities. Because of his own condition and that of several family members, Savas is an avid supporter of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Though not diagnosed until very late in his life, Savas suffers from Type I diabetes, a condition he shares with an aunt and a cousin. "I believe there will be a cure in my lifetime," says Savas.

Savas is also involved with Beagles & Buddies, an animal rescue organization based in Los Angeles. "We have two rescue dogs from them. They're a wonderful organization."

Watch Savas on State of Affairs when it premiers on NBC Monday, November 17. You can also connect with Savas through the Restless Tortuga YouTube Channel or his Website. You can follow him on Twitter and Instagram or like his page on Facebook.


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