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When Steven Spielberg burst onto the scene with Duel in 1971, it cemented his reputation as the new golden boy of Hollywood - a position he's maintained for three decades.

Love him or hate him, Spielberg's early work was some of the most exciting filmmaking mainstream audiences had seen in a long time. Originally a 74 minute TV movie made for $450,000, the success of Duel led Universal to commission a feature version.

The story goes that David Mann (Dennis Weaver) is stalked on the open road by a mysterious trucker who continuously attempts to run him off the road. It's a nail-biting, horrifyingly tense thriller that is all the more powerful for its simplicity.

Casey Callender's awesome poster for the movie updates it but retains everything that makes it special - including the iconic vehicles used in the movie.

It reminds me a little of the artwork for Speed and Jeepers Creepers, which are films that take direct inspiration from Duel.

Amazing, right? Callender has also made posters for Alien and Toys. Check them out here.

(Source: Geek Tyrant)


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