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In my posts I will talk about future MCU, and DC universe movies, and news, and I will try to post every two days or so. My topics could have possible spoilers but no synopsis because I don't work for Marvel or DC I just like good movies, and comic books. The MCU is on top of their game right now with ten movies that have already came out, and they have plans that go all the way to 2028 says Kevin Feige, but will they ever drop the ball? Superheroes as a genre in a whole are on the fore-front, because if you have notice movies that don’t have superheroes in it, besides the Hobbit, Fast and Furious, and the Hunger Games films make up to about 60 million on a good opening weekend, and a lot of actors/actresses would love to be superheroes now.

Why would anyone think an Avengers movie would end the MCU if anything, well simply because Thanos wouldn't be fun and honestly I just want to see him as I see him in the comics. Disney owns Marvel so we can't even get gory scenes, and that doesn't matter because PG-13 is probably the best things for movies now, but I can't stand the thought in my mind that they would kill the Mad Titan off and bring him back like they have been doing in recent films with important characters unlike Ronan the Accuser. [The Avengers 3](movie:738027) might not even be a Thanos movie like we expected, but instead a Civil War movie which I’m fine with as long as they have Spidey and THE MAN THAT IS BEST AT WHAT HE DOES, BUT WHAT HE DOES ISN'T TOO GOOD! Avengers 3 needs to have a lot of deaths, and I’m not talking about random civilians, but instead I want to see the Avengers team members die along with villains from maybe the Defenders show, so this can be remembered like the Empire Strikes Back and more.

Robert Downey Jr. is a outstanding actor, and I love the films he is in such as Sherlock Holmes,The Judge, but I feel like he is starting to be the wolverine back in the X-men films, and by stating that I mean that the man is getting too much glamour. Many would agree that RDJ deserve this, because Iron man 3 made 1.2 billion compare to others, but me myself don’t think he should get so much glamour, besides IM1 was good and it did Tony justice, but IM2 was not so good compare to the other Avengers solo second films, especially when the villain Whiplash isn't memorable and he comes back in a iron man! Iron Man 3 was terrible with Trevor, and a whole human torch gang destroying computer activated suits so I don’t understand why everyone give this guy so much credit, even though he was awesome it was Shane Black’s fault. Marvel might be planning on putting RDJ in a [Captain America 3](movie:994409) solo film, and we already know what that means, more & the most screen time. I still want him to stay in the MCU, and he is still loved, but I just want to see other characters, and other movies with no STARK.


Which do you think is going to make the MCU fall as a whole?


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