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Im like many others on MoviePilot. Comic books to comic movies/TV series. Sci-Fi, action, and fantasy movies, you name it, Im a fan of it.

Well I've just been shocked by the news. Surprised would be a better word as my prediction list for DC movies I made last month may not be what I thought. Well I wasn't that far off, just got the order of releases a little off and some unexpected movies have made the list.

Movie releases
Movie releases

One of the things Im most surprised about is the release dates for Shazam and Suicide Squad. With the news regarding Shazam lately I thought that would be the movie to follow Dawn of Justice in August 2016. However the Suicide Squad movie which to my believing was in very earlier development is now the next DC movie on the list. I thought we'd be seeing Shazam, Justice League, Wonder Woman and Aquaman before Suicide Squad. But it seems WB/DC will be getting their villains team-up movie before Sony's Sinister Six.

Then there's the Justice League movie which will be getting a sequel sooner than most of us thought. And instead of a Flash/Green Lantern team-up movie WB/DC are giving the characters their own movies. Finally we have Cyborg which again is a big surprise as I thought he'd just be showing up in the Justice League movies.

So it looks like things won't be as suspected but at least we know what movies to look forward to. Things could really be moving forward with the DCCU now and its great WB/DC haven't gone straight for another Batman movie so soon (apart from the Lego Batman movie but thats different). Other movies like Lego and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them were announced.

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