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According to Badass Digest, Marvel is willing to appoint Anthony and Joe Russo on the director seat of The Avengers 3 and possibly 4.

It is safe to say that the Winter Soldier, was a commercial success, so it is hardly a surprise that the Russos are the first candidates that spring to mind when we are talking about who is going to direct Captain America 3, so they might replace Joss Whedon for the next two Avengers movies.

Moreover, a few days ago we found out about the intriguing fact that Robert Downey Jr. is going to reprise his highly acclaimed role as Iron Man in Captain America 3. Exciting days for Marvel fans!

The UK release date of Captain America 3 is the 29th April 2016. It is expected that the film will be followed by The Avengers 3, which will be come to theatres most probably in 2018.

P.S. What is your opinion on this topic - who should direct Avengers 3?! The Russos?! Joss Whedon?! Someone else? WHO?! Share your views in the comment section below and thank you for devoting your time to read this article!

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