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Despite the enormous initial success of the CW's "The Flash", WB execs went ahead and recast the Scarlet Speedster for their upcoming movie, anyway.

As you may know, today (Oct 15, 2014) WB execs revealed a movie line-up chock full of hero-gasm through 2020. Included in that, was the slating of "The Flash" movie set for 2018. Today, Hollywood rag Variety reported that Ezra Miller (most recently seen in Madame Bovary) will don the non-stick boots of DC's Flash.

The announcements were made during Time-Warner's "Investor's Day" meeting in NYC. Also revealed was confirmation of Jason Momoa's speculated role as Aquaman in not only the upcoming Justice League films but a stand-alone property.

The boob-tube version of the Fastest Man Alive debuted to record ratings two weeks ago and continued to bring in strong showings during its sophomore installment. It also stars Grant Gustin as Barry Allen/The Flash, who was introduced to us via Arrow last season.

WB has said in various venues that their TV and silver screen properties will not interact with each other and the same actors will not be used. This is the first indication to the fans that they're not messing around with that statement.


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