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Ever wonder why we always see leaked footage of blockbusters, but it seems like Marvel always has their stuff on lockdown? I mean, we STILL haven't seen the [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035) footage that was shown at San Diego Comic-Con, and that was months ago. We don't see anything until Marvel is good and ready for us to see it, which, when you think about it, is pretty crazy considering the internet and all.

As fans, we all wonder, how do they do it?! (And also, can you PLEASE release the AoU footage already?)

So, Marvel does NOT want you to see the exclusive [Daredevil](series:1168702) footage they showed at New York Comic Con. Obviously, it was a hot ticket to be in that room, as the upcoming TV series is set to air on Netflix in May 2015 and there is a lot of buzz surrounding it. But Marvel executives took every precaution to make sure what was shown in that room stayed in that room.

Business Insider covered their Daredevil event, and the "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D" (what Marvel president Jeph Loeb actually referred to them as... also joking that they had "night vision goggles") in suits who made sure nobody was filming the clips on their smartphones or with any other kind of device.

Bouncer-type "agents" were spread around the room
Bouncer-type "agents" were spread around the room

It was a bit like in school assemblies, when teachers and chaperones patrolled the audience making sure nobody was talking.

They even had some agents on balconies, who had that birds eye view on even the most sneaky of camera users...

The agents would shout "all cell phones away" repeatedly whenever a clip was to be shown.

So, why the paranoia about leaks? Well, when Warner Bros. showed footage of [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870) at San Diego Comic Con, plenty of YouTube videos popped up and it took 24 hours for the studio to get them all removed. And let's be real, in internet time, that is forever.

Marvel doesn't play around... they know true fans will go to any lengths to get that first glimpse at exclusive content... but the best way for Marvel to keep the buzz and excitement behind the series is for everything to remain a bit of a mystery.

All I know is, I'm hoping the series is a lot better than the Daredevil movie from 2003 (even though the director's cut was on point). I'd round this out with a clip from the show, but, uh... I couldn't find one.


Do you think Marvel has gone overboard with its "No leaks" policy?


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