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So there have been a lot of rumors recently regarding the plot to Episode 7. So if you want to be surprised when the movie comes out, disregard this article and all others like it.


I've given you plenty of warning, so if you are angered by what you read, don't blame me. There have been an abundant amount of rumors circulating the internet lately suggesting the current state of Luke Skywalker in Episode 7. Some say he'll be a hermit-like recluse (similar to old Ben Kenobi) and others dare say .... DUN DUN DUN.... that Luke could be the Sith Villain in Episode 7. What!? Luke a Sith? That's outrageous! After helping his father defeat the Emperor, how could he turn to the dark side? It would be an interesting tale to tell.

My Opinion

Personally, I don't think Luke will be a Sith in the new film. I mean, c'mon guys! Luke is basically the success story that Anakin never was! According to Jedi standards, he was far to old to begin training, to emotionally attached to his uncle and aunt, and a tad bit headstrong (Not as much as Anakin, but just a little eager). However, Luke was able to overcome all of this and help defeat the Sith. I don't think that there is any way that Luke, hellbent on redeeming his father, could or ever would become evil. But, that's just me and I'm not the one writing the script.

Clone Wars Connection

I have recently watched an episode of The Clone Wars on YouTube. I'm not sure if this episode was ever aired due to the lack of the animation quality. However, the voice actors and music are all there so it is legit. In this particular episode, Anakin and Obi-Wan are discussing Anakin's padawan, Ahsoka, leaving the order. Anakin is tremendously upset over. Obi-Wan tries to console Anakin to which Anakin responds with "How well would you sleep knowing that I failed you?". Obi-Wan replies, "Not very well,". You can view the episode here.

How It Relates

It is pretty safe to assume however, that Luke will be some sort of recluse in this movie.

Notice "contractually-obligated" beard here.
Notice "contractually-obligated" beard here.

The beard might be evidence to this claim as some rumors support it as well. If Luke is a hermit in Episode 7, why would he be in exile? Well, lets take a look at two famous characters in Star Wars that secluded themselves to a remote life. Let's take a look at two prime examples. Number one, Obi-Wan Kenobi. After the events of Revenge of the Sith, Obi-Wan retreats to the deserts of Tatooine to "watch over" baby Luke. We all know that Obi-Wan is grieved over losing Anakin to the Sith and he choses exile Tatooine to further study the force. Number two, Master Yoda. After failing to defeat the Emperor in Episode 3, Yoda himself says, "Failed I have, into exile I must go.".

Luke In Exile?

So what if Luke really is in exile? Did something traumatic happen to him that would cause this? If so, what was it that happened that cut to his heart so deeply?

My Theory

I believe Luke is in exile and something very tragic happened to him to cause this. What exactly? Well, I'm about to tell you. Episode 7 takes place 30 years after Episode 6. That's a lot of time for our beloved heroes to do some things. It would give Luke ample time to try and rebuild the Jedi order while Leia rebuilds the Republic and while Han aids in commanding the Rebel Alliance. I think that during those 30 years Han and Leia got married and also had a kid. Why is this important? Because their child would have force powers which would make him a prime apprentice for Luke to take under his wing. Say in rebuilding the order, Luke takes Han and Leia's son on as his own apprentice.

Where Things Go Awry

So Luke trains Han and Leia's son, who I believe is Adam Driver's character, for twenty years or so. It all sounds fine and dandy right? Wrong! What if Adam Driver's character (Han and Leia's son) discovers the truth about his grandfather Anakin being an evil Sith Lord? What if he is tempted by someone, I don't say Gwendoline Christie's character, that his whole life is a lie and he is destined for evil? So Adam Driver's character finds out his grandpa was a Sith Lord, Luke never told him about it, and joins the dark side after being tempted by Gwendoline Christie's character. This could all be explained by a flashback scene that could occur in the movie (which there has been much speculation over). Because of Luke never telling Driver's character about Anakin, this could cause Driver to go on a revenge fueled campaign to hunt down and destroy Luke and any hope of a surviving Jedi Order.

Luke A Failure

Luke is left with his only apprentice, the heir to leading the Jedi order, leaving him and becoming a Sith. What kind of toll would this have on Luke? Gee I don't know? Maybe Luke would feel so guilty that he failed not only himself as a Jedi Master, but also Han and Leia by losing their only son to the dark side. This would give Luke a good reason to go into exile and seclude himself from everyone and everything. How would this set up the events of Episode 7 though?

Tying Into Episode 7

Remember all those rumors about Daisy Ridley's character finding Luke's old lightsaber falling from space? Well, what if those rumors are true and what if she does meet Han and Chewie along the way? Say Han and Chewie agree to help Ridley's character to search for Luke in one last effort to reach their old friend. On the way the somehow meet Driver's Sith and discover Driver's character is also looking for Luke to exact revenge. The plot of the movie then shifts from trying to return Luke his old lightsaber to searching for Luke to rescue him from the Empire remnant bound to destroy him. I think this would be a perfect plot for Episode 7, one that would keep us on our feet as fans while not upsetting us at the same time.

Basic Summary

I apologize if what I just said confused you a little bit. I'll sum it up here quickly.

Somewhere between Episodes 6 and 7, Luke tries to rebuild the Jedi Order. He takes on Han and Leia's son, played by Adam Driver, as his personal apprentice. Driver's character falls to the dark side and Luke, wrecked with depression over this, retreats into exile.

Daisy Ridley's character finds Luke's old lightsaber after it fell from space. She sets out to return the weapon to it's rightful owner. Along the way she meets Han and Chewie who recognize Luke's saber. They agree to help her return it to Luke.

During this journey, Ridley's character and company encounter Adam Driver's Sith character. Some battles ensue and they discover that Driver's Sith is also searching for Luke. However, Driver's Sith wants to kill Luke. Because of this, Ridley's character, along with Han and Chewie, now are determined to find Luke before Driver's Sith and the remnant of the Empire can kill him.


All of the above is just a theory I developed in my own head based on what I personally think could happen. I honestly think this basic plot would be a fantastic story for [Star Wars: Episode VII](movie:711158), and a way to set up a trilogy of new movies. It would have elements of old Star Wars movies mixed with new characters and places, the perfect recipe for a great film. What do you think? Would you like to see this story fleshed out in the new Star Wars Episode 7? Do you even think it makes sense? Or do you just flat up despise it? Let me know in the comments below!


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