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There has been an awakening...have YOU felt it?
Aminia Junior Swaggie

This wouldn’t be the first time when Wonder Woman has been compared with Thor. As everybody knows, in the comics Thor is a god.

But in the movies he is just an alien who was worshiped in ancient times as a god – his magic was nothing else but incredibly evolved science.

In the same way, it is said that Wonder Woman will have a pretty different origin story. In the new 52 comic books, she is still the daughter of Zeus with Amazonian Queen Hippolyta. Basically, she is a demigod. However, this new 52 story also keeps the original… origins, but only as a myth. In other words, in the new 52 series it is somehow explained why people believed that she was made out of clay and instilled with the life of the first woman killed by a man.

In other words, it appears that DC and Warner Bros will also try to explain the origins of Wonder Woman much like Marvel did with their own character. It is either this, or admitting the physical existence of the Greek Gods.


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