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Why does it seem like Netflix is just making power move after power move right now?! Like, wow. Original series [Orange Is the New Black](series:761587) and [House of Cards](series:726551) are still going strong - I wrote recently that they'll have exclusive rights to four Adam Sandler movies in the coming years... not to mention, they have Marvel's [Daredevil](movie:47230) TV series set to be released in May 2015.

Most recently, they just got the rights to sitcom Friends, arguably the most popular sitcom of all time. And while it was already syndicated on networks like TBS, this move will allow for everybody's favorite buzzword and activity: "binge watching"... and after I realized they now had the rights to all 236 episodes I was like...


Like it did for my boy Joey, it dawned on me... This is SUCH a game changer, especially heading into the Winter (episodes will start streaming January 1st), when lots of cozy TV watching goes down. This is kind of like the FXX "Every Simpsons Ever" campaign, but since Netflix is Netflix, users can watch on their own time... a.k.a. Friends whenever you want it.. Friends whenever you NEED it.


This is exactly how I feel, knowing this is awesome but also knowing my productivity is going to plummet...

Friends, you are undeniably great. Even though I don't have a friend group that meets in the SAME coffee shop seemingly every single day... and to be honest, I'm not sure anyone does... I can still identify with whatever this is...

And while the romantic storylines never really did it for me... I have to admit... Ross and Rachel were sort of cute.

SORT of. (I was jealous)

Ross was just so perfectly dorky. Everything about this show seems to work.

I didn't think I could get enough of Matt Leblanc, a.k.a. Joey. But uh... that spinoff TV show Joey proved otherwise.

The irreverent blonde of the show... Phoebe, was pure comedy.

Everyone knows a dude like Chandler... high-strung but hilarious. Witty but neurotic.

How could you forget about fat Monica?

But skinny Monica was great, too. And while Jennifer Aniston was the only one to really break out after the show was done, the entire cast will forever be in my heart.

And on my Apple TV. Thanks technology!!!


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