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The Maze Runner ★★★★☆ | Would you escape the maze?

After awakening with memory loss during a sudden deliverance to a tribe of boys via a rickety elevator,Thomas, played by Dylan O'Brien, quickly gathers the magnitude of his realized imprisonment in the center of what the locals call The Maze, a pen of grass and trees encompassed by an intricate array of alternating stone walls. Befriending leader, Alby (Aml Ameen) he becomes part of the boys society in their home they call The Glade. where most of them have lived for three years. Assigning 'runners' to map out the extent of the maze, Thomas's inquisitive and determined nature pushes him to create a plan to out smart their entrapment and reunite the truth to the boys that seek their freedom.

What I enjoyed mostly about [The Maze Runner](movie:575895) is it's reminiscent story, written as a novel by the same name in 2009 by James Dashner, of an inescapable entanglement in a place that questions reality and your mental capabilities. This imaginative idea that has played with our minds at some point, creates a captivating plot with compelling mystery around it's origin and purpose. It will definitely strike a nerve with audiences, showcasing it's dystopian genre, playing around on the edge of what is tangible and what is fantasy, one of those dreams that we have all had.

"Hey, there's the cast from Lost!"
"Hey, there's the cast from Lost!"

After first being rejected for the role because of his 'Teen Wolf' hair and bad-ass persona, Dylan O'Brien and a cast of fresh faced actors bring an energizing quality to the film, making a platform for a new generation of promising, young actors. Getting positive reviews and affirmative nods from critics, Director, Wes Ball, has made a name for himself in the 'teenage 'genre in his first major film that has secured its place in the hall of successful young adult book-to-film adaptations, along side Percy Jackson and the Olympians and the Twlight series.

Followers of James Dashner's work will be aware of the popular The Maze Runner series, and Fox has now confirmed that the original cast and director will be back to work making the sequel, The Scorch Trials for release in September 18th 2015.

The Maze Runner is out in cinema's now

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