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Among the truckload of news dropped today at DC and WB's shareholder meeting, Ezra Miller's casting as The Flash was mentioned almost in passing - along with the other possible history-making moves by DC. Fans responded with credible worry to DC's seemingly bundled news (which includes their first standalone superhero movies involving a female lead with Wonder Woman, two people of color with Aquaman and Cyborg, and Ezra Miller being the first openly queer actor on DC's modern roster) and the fact that, as stated by the company before, their cinematic and television universes will exist separately. For the Flash, this means two very separate speedsters on our screens.

Well, er, DC does that...
Well, er, DC does that...

Comic book fans may not be phased by this: with several generations of heroes donning the red spandex, the possibility of two Flashes isn't out of the ordinary. Even if the TV and movie universes were shared (ala DC's rival company, [Marvel](channel:932254)) The Flash has previously existed as two people at the same time. With Grant Gustin's rendition of Barry Allen leading an already record-breaking TV series in The CW, though, I hope DC takes great performances into consideration and leaves Barry in Gustin's capable hands.

So where does that leave Miller? He has the humor, wit, and experience to take on the speedster with ease, and having an actor like Miller playing a superhero would not only be impactful to his fans and people like him in real life, but offer a visually new take on the traditionally ginger-haired character (unless, of course, they dye his hair, which... oh, please don't.)

If DC doesn't cast him as Barry Allen - which this writer hopes they don't - Miller has a great pool of possible roles to take on. Let's focus on the big two:

Wally West

Wally is arguably my favorite of The Flash line, serving first as Kid Flash and growing into the role to take it on after it was left empty by Barry Allen. I feel as though Wally has the perfect balance of common sense and outlandishness that makes for a great hero, and it really wasn't until he took on the mantle that I became super interested in what The Flash was up to. Despite this, I feel like he's a safe choice for Miller, who has taken on far more gut-wrenching roles than the happy sidekick. So the other option is...

Bart Allen

Bart Allen, the youngest of the "Big Three Flashes" (which is weird to type, can somebody think of a better way to group 'em together?) is another major contender, and may bring a darker edge to the movie - my impression of Bart is someone who is just as funny and spirited as his predecessors, but the kid has a few anger issues that could cause him a hefty helping of trouble if he doesn't keep them in check. Bart most famously served as The Flash's sidekick, Impulse, before taking on the red mantle. He's a fun, diverse character that pulls just hard enough toward chaotic, making him a great character to follow in comics.

With that said, this throws almost all Flash-related speculation surrounding [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870)'s Scoot McNairy (including my own) straight out of the window, slating him for a role closer to Metallo in the upcoming movie.

Something else to consider is that, despite DC saying that the television and movie universes for these franchises are separate, they've never blatantly stated that they won't crossover at any point. Let's also not forget that DC hasn't specified on how universes divide up between the channels they air on. In true comic book fashion, these different universes and characters could come together very, very soon - and whether that hypothetical crossover has the word "Crisis" in it is up in the air, it is most certainly possible, if DC's different management sectors agree.

You wanna cross over?
You wanna cross over?

Even if the universes don't cross over, I'm pretty content with the spirited and hilarious Ezra Miller taking on any incarnation of The Flash. In my opinion, Miller absolutely stole the show from his costar Emma Watson in [The Perks of Being a Wallflower](movie:45866) with his sarcasm, comedic timing, and memorable portrayal of a gay teenager rising above the odds and embracing his identity. While The Flash isn't canonically gay, the boys behind the suit often struggle with who they are, what their powers do, and how they effect others, while still keeping on par with the comedic timing and confidence that sets the wheels of dry humor in motion for his Justice League counterparts.

With Grant Gustin's Barry Allen being more on the side of logic and rationally, perhaps his movieverse counterpart - which in my opinion should absolutely be Wally - can bring out the classic snarky humor that will break DC's movieverse code of gritty and dark. Ezra Miller is just the person we need to do this.

But that's none of my business.
But that's none of my business.


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