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The incredibly talented makeup guru Scarletstarlet recently did her makeup for a zombie-themed pub crawl. She was inspired by the Batman character Two-Face. The influence is pretty clear.

Look familiar?

According to her Imgur page, this was her first time doing fake teeth (made out of acrylic teeth). Well, I have to say for her first time she did an awesome job. And hey, practice makes perfect! She also used: half a bald cap, cotton balls, and latex to get the look just right.

Check out those details! The zombie eye socket, the nose, the singed ear. Ah-mazing.

But what about that hair? Initially I thought that she had already shaved half of her head, as seems to be the hip style with the youths these days, but nope. This talented lady actually had a full head of hair. So, how did she do this?

I pinned it to the side and then secured half a bald cap over it. Still pulled out a good chunk of hair when I took it off ;]

And perhaps the most horrific thing of all...the aftermath.

AHHH! That cleanup was a nightmare, I'm sure. But in all seriousness, my bathroom counter looks like this after getting ready, even when I'm not doing some super rad costume makeup. I guess I'm just a slob.

Many of you might be thinking, "Wow, what's the big woop? I can do that too!" To which I say, let's see it! Please post your best horror/zombie makeup in the comments. If you're feeling ambitious, maybe add your favorite tip too. With Halloween right around the corner, I think there are some of us that need all the help we can get!


Are you going to go this big for Halloween?


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