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Flávio mariscal

From green to black. The brightest light just didn't shine so well in it's first big screen debut. For those of you who did like it, I'm sorry but you might of lost your marbles at one point in your life. This was supposed to be the Lantern's time to shine brightest but the movie was not made correctly. If they are to remake the movie once more any time I the future I believe that the studios should follow the safest and most logical starting point for our ring wielding hero, Green Lantern.


Sinestro is a main character that plays well into hal jordon's green lantern story line. he made an apperance in the first movie but we didnt show him his true color…yellow. this character betrays his fellow lanterns and wields the power of the yellow lanterns to go against the green lantern corps and all the elders. This is the most sensible way to go with the story line seeing as how the animated version did very well with this story line. The yellow lantern corps are one of the main enemies of the green lanetrn corps. Of course there are many more lanterns out there but this one would have to do for now. I dont know if they announced anything so far about another green lantern movie but i think this would be the easiest way to go.

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