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Stephen Adamson

Hosting the Academy Awards is a tremendous honor. It takes an incredible stage presence, a golden wit and sense of humor, and the ability to garner the respect of the entire entertainment industry... that is, at least for one night.

Today, Neil Patrick Harris released a video to social network site Moby Picture confirming, in hilarious fashion, that he was asked to host and has accepted. (click here to watch NPH check "Host the Oscars" off his bucketlist)

He's definitely got the energy and jokes to pull it off... and the experience. He's hosted the Emmys twice and the Tonys FOUR times. But, let's face it... this is the Oscars! The Academy don't play! I personally think he'll do a fine job... I just think it'll be pretty freakin' hard to follow up what Ellen was able to do last year.

In case you needed a reminder, the internet is still being repaired after last year's ceremonies. Do you think NPH is up for following THAT up?


Will Neil Patrick Harris do a good job on the Oscars stage?


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