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I wrote this post about 18 months ago on my personal blog, so some of the holes have been filled however I still think this fancasting holds up pretty well. I know this is a LONG post, need to find a way to compress pictures, maybe a slideshow or something, still not 100% up with how to use this site.


Sam Witwer, don't know what it is but for a few years now since I seen him in "Smallville" I've thought Witwer would be perfect for the role of Batman. I've thought about a new Batman since the second I heard Christian Bale's stupid fucking voice in "Batman Begins". Since I started doing this piece I kept looking back at Joe Manganiello as a possible Batman but I put him down as a possible Superman in all seriousness I would be happy if he were cast as either but for now my first choice is Sam Witwer.


Seen as Henry Cavill is already Superman, I guess recasting Cavill as Superman for "The Justice League". Lets say though that the studio wanted to go a different route an make the film a complete stand alone no previous affiliations to Nolan's Trilogy or Snyder's "Man Of Steel", if that were to happen my first choice would be Joe Manganiello the BIG guy from "True Blood".

Green Lantern

Without any hesitation I go straight to Nathan Fillion as my Green Lantern, he already voiced Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) in "Green Lantern: Emerald Knight" & "Justice League: Doom". Plus with this being a stand alone film Fillion is able to play Hal Jordan, he can't do a worse job than Ryan Reynolds did in 2011.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman, now this is a actress I mulled over for nearly an hour I just couldn't pin point a single actress I'd personally hire. Doing a bit of research I seen names like Megan Fox, Charlize Theron and Sienna Miller thrown about for me none of them make the cut. Then I remembered watching "Haywire" a few months ago, while the film was pretty bad I remember watching Gina Carano and thinking this woman is bad ass who is she. Turns out she used to be an MMA fighter/kick boxer before she became an actress an we all know Wonder Woman loved to kick ass.


This is another decision that took a while, but eventually settled on Justin Timberlake from he is a funny guy and a decent actor plus he has the build an actor would need to play Flash. Other actors I was considering were Joel McHale & Chris Pine.

Martian Manhunter

Ah, Martian Manhunter the forgotten member when the conversation of Justice League comes up people forget about him. In my opinion he is probably the best aside from Superman & Batman for obvious sentimental reasons ha. A lot Martian Manhunter would be CGI due to the fact he shape shifts a lot, so it would take a good actor to potray him during the none shifting scenes that why I settled on the incredibly talented Idris Elba.


I'm gonna go with Jensen Ackles, not just because I'm a huge "Supernatural" fan but I also think he has that pretty boy look that Aquaman needs but he still has his rugged side too.


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