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Outside of the obvious, Hershel, Shane and Gareth, or rather Scott, Jon and Andrew, all agree that "Pretty Much Dead Already" is one of the very best episodes of [The Walking Dead](series:201193). Yup. Season two, episode seven; the one where Sophia is finally found. How do I know this? Well, I had the opportunity to be at The Walking Dead panel at the recent Reno, Nevada Wizard World Comic Con and an audience member asked the gentlemen what their favorite episode was so far.

Andrew: "Wow, there are so many good ones. I really love The Grove, that was a fantastic episode. I thought that the premiere of season five was pretty fantastic too, right? These guys had a fantastic episode in season 2; I'm totally blanking on the title. The one in which Sophia emerges from the barn. That was an excellent episode. Those are the standouts for me."

Scott; "I was going to mention that episode as well. The one in the barn because I think the whole group went through a huge turnaround in that episode. That episode to me was an important episode, but there are so many wonderful episodes. It's truly a tough question to answer."

Jon simply gave a very serious nod of approval to these statements and it seemes as though most of the audience fully endorsed this choice as well.


What is your favorite episode of The Walking Dead?


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