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I love X-Men! In fact one of my favorite X-Men characters growing up was Night Crawler! I really liked how he fought random people in the White House in “X-2” as he teleported himself in the process. I even thought that his blue skin looked really cool! Recently, I was reading a Hindu text called “Bhagavad Gita”, and it talked about a well-known god named Krishna. Ironically Krishna also had blue skin. So it got me thinking. Why was Krishna’s skin blue, and does his origins have any connection with blue mutants in the X-Men universe?

Through deep research from the internet and logic thinking, I have found plausible explanations as to why Krishna has blue skin.

First off, let’s start with the Hindu beliefs. There are two stories to this. One, the color of his skin is said to be symbolism because of his association with water.

The second story is that it’s his real skin color; meaning that he has skin that is so black it’s got a blue tint, or Krishna is in fact an extraterrestrial from another planet.

I would now like to give my third option, which is to talk about the blue “Papa Smurf” himself, Paul Karason. The late Karason had a certain rash on his face that he tried to get rid of by drinking Colloidal Silver and eventually applying it to his skin. In so doing, his skin became a permanent shade of blue. This type of oddity is called Argyria, which means “silver” in Greek… ironically. Doctors have said that Colloidal Silver has been used to treat arthritis and dermatitis, but not only in recent years but even before ancient civilizations’ began. Which got me thinking… What if Krishna was a real person who suffered heavily from dermatitis? In order to treat it, he did what Karason did and drank the Colloidal Silver. Krishna then had the permanent blue skin. While living in India, the locals deemed him as a god because of his unique appearance. It almost sounds like a similar story about the origins of Apocalypse from X-Men.

What do you think? Was Krishna a missing mutant, or was he just a simple man trying to treat a skin condition?


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