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Halloween is fast approaching, and so is The Shape himself. Who is probably sharpening his knives in the creepy house down your street. Or maybe just watching the Halloween movies like the rest of us! But instead of trying to jog your memories with the last 10 movies, you could just watch this video (made by Cinefix) that summarizes the entire franchise in just 2 very funny quick minutes:

Perfectly summed up! The creator of this video really covers the overall plots of every film beautifully. To bad it will be even harder to cover each Halloween in just 2 minutes because a new one is being brought to life every few years. Then again, who cares, Halloween is awesome!

Video Description

Want to get caught up on the classic horror franchise, but short on time? Like, REALLY short on time? You’ve come to the right place: SUBSCRIBE!

We’ll take you from the original 1978 classic through the Rob Zombie reboots, with all the retcons, revivals, and re-visits along the way. Get ready - in a matter of minutes, you’ll know everything (everything that matters, anyway)…

What was your favorite installment in the Halloween franchise? Do you think our summary left out an important point (or twelve)? Did we make you want to go back and watch any (or all) of the Halloween movies?

Animated by: David Kantrowitz


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