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Matt Emineth

SPOILERS! SO! Anyone who saw The Flash, has seen the ending when Dr. Wells goes into a vault and looks at a news paper from the future saying that the flash goes missing in 2024. BUT! DID ANYONE READ THE BOTTOM SECTION THAT SAYS "WAYNE TECH/QUEEN INC MERGER COMPLETE"? This is so cool! It shows the possibility of merging shows!

Before I continue, I know that there is another fan made theory out there. That Dr. Wells is actually The Flash from the future. Hence the newspaper above. I don't believe that is true, because the Flash does not kill. and given episode two, we see that Dr. Wells isn't above killing. He, also has a weird obsession with Barry becoming the Flash. Putting that aside, here is a theory. Dr. Wells is the Reverse Flash, who is the yellow blur that Barry sees as a kid, that killed his mom.

My reasoning is because, Reverse Flash, has rapid regeneration, just like the Flash. So, going back to the last scene, it shows Dr. Wells is faking his need to where glasses and his need to be in a wheel chair. Why would he suddenly not need glasses? Because! He, like Barry, has rapid regeneration ability that fixed his eye sight as well as everything else! Plus, the fact that he is looking at a newspaper article from 2024, implies that he has found a way to go/see into the future. Now, The Flash, and Reverse Flash, can run so fast that they can go into the future or past. So, that would line up with what is being implied here.

Also, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg has stated in an interview that “Time travel is going to play a big part in the overall series, but one of the things that we will discover is that time is mutable,” as he continues, he sates, “As the good Doctor says, time can be rewritten, so not everything you see on the show is necessarily what’s going to come to pass and not necessarily everything that’s happened is fixed.” This shows that the character may attempt to change the past, including the death of Barry's mother. Also this could completely change the Head line of the newspaper!

SO, What if Barry/The Flash is to be confronted by Reverse Flash, and later finds out that it is Dr. Wells. Then he chases him back in time to the day that his mom died. Because remember, when we watch the scene of his mom dying, we see both yellow AND red blurs. Implicating 2 things. That 2 "things" are possibly fighting so fast that it is just a blur. Also, that the iconic red blur, means that Barry was there as the Flash/older self, the night his mom died. Then, just as Barry is about to lose (or whatever the situation) he has to save his younger self, knowing that this incident as a child, will lead him to become the Flash and fight of these super criminals. It is the ultimate choice between what the city needs, and what Barry wants.

Remember, Gotham, Arrow, and The Flash, are loosely based on the comics, so their stories won't be exactly like the comics therefore anything is possible. what do you think?


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