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On Tuesday night, I was considering my weekly Gotham trailer post, and then I realised that I'd be doing the same thing three days in a row, so I've decided to compile them into one installment per week. So, here we go.

Gotham - Viper

So, this week we had [Gotham](series:1127075) "Arkham." Featuring a fun killer who used what I believe may end up being the hilt of Penguin's Umbrella one day, some nice namedrops to Arkham City, and some setting up for the rest of the series, particularly with Penguin, it was good fun. Next week we see Bullock and Gordon investigate a drug which causes euphoria and then sudden death hitting the streets, and Cobblepot continuing to manipulate the playing field.

Have a look at the trailer here- and some images, courtesy of TVLine, which I use for all of these photos. Incredible website with great FB pages with strong and clear updates.

The Flash

I was really, really happy with [The Flash](series:1068303) this week, and people seem to be loving it. Aside from the general critical acclaim- ranging from a lot of the controversy regarding the new Flash casting as "he's not Grant Gustin" to happy comments we see- it actually retained 90% of its viewers from its pilot, which is nearly unheard of. This is huge. It's common for shows to drop huge chunks of their audience, but it kept nearly all of its. (Meanwhile, Arrow's also seem to have bumped up a bit, at the cost of Supernatural which slid, and Agents of SHIELD, which fell to an all time low this week in ratings, despite next week's promising look at Mockingbird.) On top of that, I loved the portrayal of Multiplex and the conflict between Barry and Joe.

Next week we see Barry take on the Mist, and in flashbacks our first look at Ronnie Raymond, better known as half of Firestorm- Caitlin Snow's fiance here who died (well, apparently) on the night of the explosion. Played, of course, by none other than a certain Amell's cousin, Robbie. Have a look at some photos here.


Still my favourite of the bunch, this week we saw an excellent [Arrow](series:720988) episode- Sara. Our first look at Komodo, some tragedy, and a pretty awesome, if morally questionable, Laurel Lance- who we now know is totally going to become a certain superhero and performed well enough in this episode to give me faith in her story for this season. I really liked it, as well as Colin Donnell's role as Tommy again. Next week?

Let's go to Corto Maltese, yet another DC Universe location, where Malcolm Merlyn is training Thea Queen and Ollie wants to bring her home, accompanied by Roy and Diggle. Doesn't look like a costume episode- guns and casual galore. Can't wait. Meanwhile, Laurel will meet Ted Grant AKA Wildcat, in yet another step towards her fate, and Felicity will begin adjusting to Ray Palmer and her work at the reestablished Queen Consolidated. Images here, including the first look at Grant.

While a Merlyn/Queen fight is possible, even likely, I imagine Episode 4, the 50th Episode of Arrow- cheer! - The Magician, referring to Merlyn's name in the comics, will heavily feature him and likely his relationship with Oliver giving the inevitable revelation that he is still alive in Episode 3. Enjoy the trailer.

Now, of course, we enter Friday and the weekend, which are normally fun days even without our DC fix, but I'm afraid dreaded Monday will be all the worse without anything to do but look forward to our shows. Pop Titans or Supergirl here, thanks, guys, and I'll be happy.

Again, huge thanks and my love to TVLine, specifically it's three specific FlashTVNews, GreenArrowTV, and GothamSite. Love their reporting.


Did you expect The Flash to keep 90% of its viewers?


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