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Let's talk about the latest episode "Smoke em' if you Got em". As always please beware of spoilers if you haven't seen everything up until season 7 episode 6. Let's talk about the bads then the goods.

The Bads

So this week we pick up with Jax and the club trying to figure out how to keep the piece with the Nazi gang while also figure out how to get to Lin who was arrested last week. My first bad thing is that Sons is starting to really complicate things like they've done in the past couple seasons. For example, if you had to explain what was happening to someone who only missed this episode would they understand it? Probably not.

Juice is a dead man walking.
Juice is a dead man walking.

Kurt Sutter has fallen in love with the fact that he can string along these elaborate storylines with backstabbing, scheming, and dealmaking. Let me compare it to another show that had a similar tone in the criminal underworld Breaking Bad. If you've been under a rock and haven't watched [Breaking Bad](series:200567) you should do yourself the favor and check it out. Sure, Vince Gilligan loved having long season arcs but arcs also ended when they ran their course. The issues with Tuco or Gus. Walter didn't feud with Gus for 4 seasons. Skylar didn't go 6 seasons without finding out Walter's big secret. You see my point? Sons really needs to star wrapping some stories up.

I feel like I'm repeating myself but this Juice storyline needs to just go somewhere already. Last week I complained that they tried to leave us with a cliffhanger of him pointing the gun at Gemma. How did this episode start? Juice just kicked her loose. WOW WHO COULD'VE GUESSED? Anyway, finally they decide to have Juice take a big leap and try to turn fully on the Sons and offer intel so the Mayans could take him to Mexico. Without hesitation Alvarez tells Jax and gives him up like that. FINALLY! Jax has Juice back so he could just kill him already right? WRONG! They end the episode without showing him dying!!! This pisses me off so much. I'm going to move on before I get a headache.

Alvarez gets a visit from a certain rat.
Alvarez gets a visit from a certain rat.

The other big bad was just the general wheel spinning it did was. Really not much changed between last episode and this one. Sure, things tip-toed forward but it's usually episode 6 or 7's of the seasons where Sons takes off. Wasn't the case this year. I just hope all of this slow building will lead to chaos that will leave us all satisfied and the overall feeling of it being worth our time.

Other moments that were annoying were Gemma being in a diner pretty much all episode for little to no reason, Nero being so close to hearing secrets both from Juice and Gemma but getting NOTHING and the fact that Sons had no issue killing another group of guys like it meant nothing. I wouldn't have had a problem with them mowing down the gang if we knew they did something horrible or something but what did they do? I don't even remember. Sons looked truly evil and not the fun bikers we've loved for years. I'm going to jump over to the goods before I sound like an angry rant.

Jax thanks Nero for his help
Jax thanks Nero for his help

The Goods

Most of the goods for me were in the smaller moments in between all of the bigger scenes. Scenes that come to mind are Bobby with Wendy in the beginning. It wasn't groundbreaking or anything but the way Bobby was asking how she was felt like the old days when he would council Jax or Clay. If they try to play off a Wendy/Jax romance I'll be pissed but I'll take more scenes like this to show the moral compass that Bobby used to be like Tara or Opie. Other little moments were like Chibs and Jarry bantering back and forth on whether Chibs was thanking her for the sex or the tip.

Another moment was the talk between Jax and TO of the Bastards about patching them into Samcro. It made me remember when they did that for Jury back in season 1. By the way where the hell has Jury been? I'm guessing he's who tipped off Lin and Marks to Jax's plans to rage war with Lin but honestly if they string THAT along too much then people will forget... Anyway, another was the brawl between the Nazis and the Sons. THIS was old school seasons 1-3 of [Sons of Anarchy](series:201186). Why does everything need to be guns mowing down gangs or secret shots to the back of people's heads? Let's just have bare knuckle brawls! I sound like such a dude. Oh well.

TO and Jax discussed a patch-over
TO and Jax discussed a patch-over


I don't know why but moments like these make me remember why I fell in love with this show. That was all before the show became to bloated and tried to outdo itself too often. Will next week be the HOLY SH*T episode that turns everything around for me? Or will we continue to drag things before the last couple episodes? Final seasons of dramas are so tricky and I hope Sons doesn't fall into the same light like a Dexter.

I'm going to have to give this episode a pretty poor grade because there was just nothing that had me dying to see what happened next week. I'm going to watch of course. I'm going down with the ship if it's crashing but I want to be HOOKED.

Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 6 "Smoke em' if You Got em'" = C

Please comment below if you think I'm just an a**hole or you want to discuss the things you liked or didn't like! I love talking about this show.

Thank you for reading and have a tremendous day!

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