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There's no question about it, the Season 5 premiere of [The Walking Dead](series:201193) this week was definitely one of the best episode of the entire series! Although, while the episode solved a few of the dilemmas the crew were left facing at the end of Season 4, it certainly left more than a few questions unanswered, chief among them being Morgan. Where did he come from? Why did he leave the town? And biggest question of them all:

Who is leaving those symbols and what do they mean?

My theory? Rick is leaving them for Morgan to follow the group, take a look at the evidence for yourself:

Look carefully and you'll see three trees with symbols
Look carefully and you'll see three trees with symbols

1. Morgan is where Rick was

First of all it seems like Morgan is travelling the same path as Rick and the gang. The premiere didn't shy away from time jumps- showing how the Terminus crew came to be the 'butchers' and not the 'cattle' through flashback scenes, and if you look at the comparison image, you notice that foliage has had time to grow over the sign that Rick wrote on as the group left Terminus. My guess is that it's probably been a few weeks since Rick left and Morgan arrived.

Furthermore in the next scene we see Morgan head into the trees, just like we saw Rick do shortly after he made the changes to the sign. Surely anyone else who could possibly have left the symbol (such as Gareth) would have just continued on the train tracks? After all, they have no reason to cover their tracks like the gang does.

2. We've seen this symbol before

Check it out. In episode 12 of Season 3 ('Cleared') we saw it in Morgan's apartment back in Rick and Carl's home town. When Carl was looking at the map on the wall which showed the Grime's old house you can clearly seen a number of circles with X's in the middle, indicating areas that Morgan had cleared of walkers.

Rick saw the map and knew what the symbol meant to Morgan so it makes complete sense that he would carve that particular symbol for Morgan to follow, after all, what would it mean to anyone else?

3. The symbol is the new walkie-talkie

Rick and Morgan have remained in contact through the whole series in one form or another. They exchanged walkie-talkies in Season 1, after reuniting in Season 3 Rick gave him a map of where the prison was located and now it seems they've gone fully back to the caveman days and Rick has started leaving symbols for him. It seems like the further post-apocalypse we go, the more rudimentary the means of contact become.


Do you think Rick is leaving the symbols for Morgan?

Source: The Walking Dead, Entertainment Weekly


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