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A lot went down when Rick and the gang broke out of Terminus in the premiere episode of The Walking Dead Season 5, and in this fog of war it's always difficult to reliably know the truth.

It also isn't helped when the show's creator seems to tell blatant lies in interviews. Robert Kirkman, the creator of the original comics from which the television show is based, recently chatted with Entertainment Weekly about the action-packed first episode.

Among many other topics, EW also questioned Kirkman about whether the Terminus leader, Gareth, is still alive. Kirkman responded by simply stating:

He looked dead to me.
Gareth looking alive, and surprisingly well.
Gareth looking alive, and surprisingly well.

When EW's Dalton Ross explained that we clearly only saw him shot in the shoulder - the cliche survivable gunshot wound in films and television shows - Kirkman added:

I certainly would not expect to see that guy ever again.

Oh very enigmatic. However, Ross had one more trick up his sleeve, as he explained to Kirkman that we have already seen Gareth in many more scenes in the season 5 trailer. Kirkman changed his tune slightly, but was still not willing to state Gareth is still alive. He stated:

Why are you spoiling the fun, Dalton? That’s not how you do things. You’re supposed to forget that trailer the minute you start watching the show!

The trailer clearly does show some extensive scenes involving Gareth, although he doesn't appear to always be the antagonist we first thought he was. Indeed, from the looks of things, he somehow manages to work his way into the group. Kirkman continued:

This world has been around for a while, and we’ve seen Rick and how he’s survived, and what he’s had to do to survive. And now every single person you meet on the road and in your journey, you have to think, “How are they here? What did they do to get here?” And Gareth is a great example of somebody who has done some terrible things that have changed him, that have brought him to a place that has made him very dangerous. And we see those things. But as they’re now out of the boxcar and on the road again, it’s entirely possible that they might encounter more people that could be just as threatening. Or way worse.

Of course, this appears to be one of the main themes of season 5 - the idea that it is now almost impossible to delineate survivors into good guys and bad guys. Sure, Gareth was the administrator within a cannibalistic community, but is he simply just another person trying to survive under difficult circumstances?


What do you think? Is Gareth going to return!


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