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"Morgan's back and it is AMAZING!" is the exact reaction I had when this fan-favorite character dramatically returned at the end of the breathless and brutal premiere of The Walking Dead Season 5.

But once my unbridled joy had started to ease I was left with a couple of big questions; who left the marks on the trees he was following and where do they lead?

The dominant theory is that Rick carved these out marking a "clear" path for Morgan to follow and join the group.

But what about if this is not the case? What if these markings were actually left by a group of bad guys? Say a group that could take over Terminus and rape and abuse all those inside...

We saw this symbol before... on a face

If the symbol on the tree looked familiar that's because it is. We first spotted it in the room Morgan was holed up in during the episode "Clear". But it also made an appearance in Sunday's episode... on a face.

This guy's face
This guy's face

Notice anything about a certain tattoo located above his right temple? There's no doubting the similarities between his facial markings and the carvings on the tree. So are the two linked?

The guy above was the leader of the group who overran Terminus and did very bad things there. Could this be a symbol for their gang?

And if this is case, and Morgan knows this, is he somehow in league with them?

Morgan the bad guy?

It would certainly break the mould. Most fans were stoked to see Morgan back and are probably hoping he becomes a valuable member of Rick's group.

But wouldn't it be a twist of epic proportions if it turned out that he's actually aligned himself with a different, and much more morally reprehensible gang? Showrunner Scott Gimple has admitted Gareth, the leader of the Termites, is not the only threat this season, revealing:

I would say without a doubt that Gareth is far from the only threat, quite possibly far from the biggest threat.

So if Gareth is'nt the biggest threat, is it possible that Morgan is being set up as the bad guy for Season 5?


Morgan: Good or Bad?


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