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As if the eerie tale of a ghostly black-eyed girl resurfacing after thirty years absence wasn't enough, a medium has come forward with photographic evidence of the phantom child's return.

Christine Hamlett, one of Britain's top psychics, was so captivated by the supernatural goings ons that she traveled to Cannock Chase in Staffordshire to hunt for the ghost in the vast heathland.

How to Snap a Spook

The 57-year-old medium claims that she snapped a spooky picture of the black-eyed girl on Friday night near the local visitor center. In order to capture the spirit on film, Hamlett used the 'pan and water' method which involves photographing the reflections of ghouls in water instead of the regular point and shoot method.

Check out the haunting evidence that claims to show a spirit kneeling to pray below:

Is this a photograph of the black-eyed girl?
Is this a photograph of the black-eyed girl?

Hamlett believes that the ghoulish girl could be the phantom of one of the swathes of children who died of lethal childhood diseases.

The psychic claims that she made contact with the spirits in the area and that the otherworldly entities:

Are asking for help, but they didn’t want help to get back into the light.

What does a medium do, exactly?

Hamlett told The Mirror about her career as a psychic and explained that her goal is to:

Help spirits who are earthbound, for whatever reason. They have a message or something to say before they pass on. There is a light and they have to go into it. I try to reassure them there are people in the light who will help them.
I can’t make them go, but I try to get them into a frame of mind where they are ready to move on.
Christine Hamlett
Christine Hamlett

Unfinished Business?

The supernatural practitioner theorizes that the black-eyed child might not be ready to move on yet because she was buried in an unmarked grave after dying in a Victorian workhouse.

But, what about the 'coal-black pits for eye sockets'? According to Hamlett:

The eyes are for effect. These children have a story and they want it told.

It doesn't look like the Black-Eyed Girl will be fading into the shadows until we understand her plight, so expect more sightings in the future...


Do you believe this could be a photo of the Black-Eyed Girl?

(Source: The Mirror)


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