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Jess O'Kane

It seems that wherever there's a good movie, there's a porn parody lurking behind it.

The Lord of the Rings and Tomb Raider might scoop up the awards, but they also seem to inspire California's alternative auteurs to wave their magic wand on serious drama.

Some of them are pretty clever; others are just downright bizarre. But whatever the case, I can promise you're going to be highly entertained.

We've collected some of the best porn parody titles for your viewing pleasure. Oh and they're SFW, so have no fear. (Though you might still look a bit weird if someone spots you).


1- Pulp Friction (20th Anniversary Edition!)

Tarantino's classic turned 20 this week, and I can't think of a more fitting way to celebrate than this beauty. Bring out the gimp!

2- Whore Of The Rings

"We're taking the dildos to Isengard!"

3- Sexbusters

How to improve on a classic lesson number one: insert anthropomorphic lady ghost with massive hakunas.

4- Edward Penishands

This one is a true classic; there are even parts of it on YouTube. Ever wanted to see a man with fake penises for hands eat spaghetti? Of course you do.

5- Whorrey Potter & The Sorcerer's Balls

Move over awkward Daniel Radcliffe, we have a winner.

6- Bitanic

This ship isn't the only thing getting moist.

(Source: Buzzfeed/Listcovery)


Which one of these would you watch?

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