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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Great horror news to make ya feel like a reverse bear-trap exploded your head: they're making a new Saw movie!

AWESOME. Wan and Whannell will have had a good break from the franchise –both wrapping their recent projects such as Insidious 3 – and can hopefully inject new blood into the Saw phenomena, just like the revamped Final Destination did for the beloved FD series.

The idea of a new Saw movie got me thinking about what twisted, ingenious new traps we can expect to see. Here's a couple of my ideas - please add your own!

The Electrocution Trap

You wake up with a funnel crammed into your mouth, pouring vile liquid down your throat. Your feet have been padlocked to a metal grille on the floor. Underneath the wire mesh is a highly electrified plate. Your choice is to either rip your feet from the floor, or wait an hour until the electronic padlocks open and free you. Only problem is, your bladder is full to bursting with that fluid that's been funneled inside you. If you pee, your stream of urine will hit the metal plate, electrocuting you up the pee stream. Tear up your feet or get sparked up the urethra? You choose...

Monkey Bars

Saw ideas... from Mortal Kombat!
Saw ideas... from Mortal Kombat!

A set of monkey bars are the only way over a pit full of nails. The monkey bars are heated red-hot like a poker. How long can you take the pain of the burning before you drop and bleed to death?

The Meal

You wake up with your hands chained in front of you. A key is buried deep inside your left wrist.

If you don't get the key out, the chain buried into the back of your neck will jerk out and sever your spinal column. The only way to reach the key is to chew your wrist open...

What sick Saw traps can you think of? Add yours below!


Can you think of some good new Saw traps?

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